Kaitlyn Riggs started her musical journey around the age of 10. After attending a Britt Nicole concert, she told her mom that was what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. From that moment on she’s done everything she can behind the scenes at concerts, including working merchandise tables and helping promote several shows in her small town.  She also began playing guitar around the same time and since then has learned many other instruments but mainly likes to stick with guitar. Kaitlyn was homeschooled and raised in NC but moved to KY in her teen years. She loves being given the opportunity to play in her churches worship team and leads her youth group as they grow closer to God through music.  She hopes that her life, her love for music and her love for the Lord will inspire teens and young people to love the Lord and do what He has called them to do, not to fit in with everyone else but to stand out and be awesome.

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