Ryan Michael is a 19 year old producer born and raised in Omaha, NE. Ryan graduated from Elkhorn South High School in 2016. He has been actively pursing music since a young age. Ryan has always felt that music was a form of communication. His main goal while pursing his music career is to set a positive example and erase the stigma that surrounds “hip-hop” and create a positive environment for all ages.  Ryan has always loved music, being a part of various bands, choirs, and recording track solos. Though all those activities are fun, Ryan decided to focus on the production aspect, and that is how he discovered his true passion and love for a deeper aspect of music. With this, he started to do a lot of behind the scenes work. He studied books on production and practiced working systems, drums, piano as well as other instruments that needed to be understood to begin producing beats. Ryan, with all these newly produced projects met Luke Reelfs, who shares similar views on the music Industry and its need for a new reputation. Luke and Ryan started to work together and perform at small venues and build their music career, most importantly however, during this time they both also built strong relationships with Jesus. Once this happened, Ryan and Luke started to get amazing opportunities, which is what led him to where he is now, on a tour. Ryan is continually studying his music engineering programs and his mentors, to be able to create a new, original beat every time. Ryan plans to continue to do music for the remainder of his life because it is where he feels he is truly happy. Ryan hopes that his music can impact how kids perceive not only hip-hop but themselves as well. He hopes that kids can have the experience of what positive music can do for yourself, and plans to see that happening throughout his music career.

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