It’s going to require a full team with complementary strengths for the “Defined to be Different” tour to successfully challenge tweens and equip parents toward a life of following Christ.  The “tour parents” are Greg and Pilar Vogt. Jessica’s parents bring different talents to the effort, providing resources that support the mission.  Greg Vogt is using 10+ years of experience of managing a group of Christian radio stations and promoting successful concerts to lead “Defined to Be Different.”  He has a proven track record of building successful marketing campaigns for businesses, ministries, the individual radio stations, and events that will aid in planning and promoting the tour.  Pilar is using years of experience as a teacher and her graphic design skills to match the image


of “Defined to be Different” to the tween market.  Because of her experience teaching tween-age students, she knows what they like and how to communicate in a way that draws them to the message of Jesus.  Greg and Pilar are both leaving their respective careers to support the artists on the “Defined to be Different” tour teaching them branding and marketing along with helping them grow in their own life with Christ.  Pilar will also join Jessica to help co-lead the girls’ break-out time. Greg and Pilar look forward to working with you in ministry to the tweens and their parents in your church or organization.  Their goal is to offer an event and resources supporting your ministry objectives and local team. 


Back home Luke’s parents, Chad and Tera Reelfs, will be supporting the tour with their own marketing expertise.  Chad is a key leader at Sojern, a digital advertising company, and has a background in building effective and efficient internet marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. Tera is a college-aged tutor and mother of four with a keen eye toward managing the details proving a resource in managing multiple aspects of running a smooth tour.


You can trust the background support for the “Defined to be Different” tour making your part of hosting an event fun and focused on the purpose of challenging tweens and equipping parents toward a life of following Christ.

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